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Addiction- Parents & Families

The collateral damage inflicted on the family where a son, daughter, brother or sister is trapped in the world of drug or alcohol addktion can be horrendous. Marriage breakdowns, family bonds destroyed, depression, anxiety and nervous breakdowns are common.


Personal Recovery

The road of recovery is littered with obstacles, hurdles and traps. The saying "Whose toils lights are you following" should be heeded by every person who is looking to change their life and put their abuse of drug/alcohol abuse behind them.

The disease of drug and alcohol addiction causes enormous damage to both the user and their family. Every family member is affected, and left untreated the consequences for the family unit are bleak and best Recovery from the physical and emotional turmoil of families in addiction requires a customised strategy which incorporates their physical and financial situation together with the personalities of each family member.

There is no one size fits all solution.